Company Profile




PT Onix Capital Tbk (“OCAP”) was established on 6 October 1989 under the name of PT Piranti Ciptadhana Amerta and the name was changed for several times and the final change occurred at the beginning of 2011 from PT JJ NAB Capital Tbk to PT Onix Capital Tbk.


On  October 30th 2003, the company obtained its effective statement for conducting Initial Public Offering (IPO) of its shares to public in the amount of 50 million shares and conducted company listing in the amount of 273,2 million shares at Surabaya Stock Exchange on 10 November 2003.


On May 2013, the Company changed its business activities through theExtraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders from company which engaged  brokerage and underwriting into the business activities which engaged in consulting business, management, and administration.



Being one of the leading investment in Indonesia and in the region through sustainable growth with efficiency operational costs, human resource development, and financial structure



Ø  Investing to companies which have good prospects to provide added value or benefit to employees, governments, shareholders and all stakeholders.

Ø  Being a convenient means for each employee to maximize their best potential which suits with field of their expertise.

Ø  Having a social responsibility and able to provide the value of benefits to society.


PT Onix Capital Tbk has 2 subsidiary entities, namely: PT Onix Sekuritas which is engaged in the brokerage of securities traders and underwriters and PT Onix Investama which is engaged in consulting services in the health sector. While PT Onix Investama has a subsidiary of PT Menteng Medika Indonesia which is engaged in the field of health.


Board of Commissioner are as follows:

President Commissioner     Hardjanto Adiwana

Independent Commissioner: Zainuddin Effendi


Board of Directors are as follows:

President Director: Bagus Hananto

Director                 Tjie Ping Astono S.